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A Typical Day In The Life Of A Digital Marketer

It is easy to think that a digital marketer just posts to social media and creates the odd Facebook Ad every now and again, but there is so much more to it.It is easy to think that a digital marketer just posts to social media and creates the odd Facebook Ad every now and again, but there is so much more to it.

It is easy to think that a digital marketer just posts to social media and creates the odd Facebook Ad every now and again, but there is so much more to it. From search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising to analytic monitoring and content writing, this is an incredibly technical career path. If you’ve ever wondered what a typical day looks like for a digital marketer working within an agency, you’re certainly in the right place.


  • First, refresh and update
  • Begin with our tasks for the day
  • Meetings… meetings & more meetings
  • Check-Ins
  • Staying up to date
  • Internal Development

First, refresh and update

The first thing we tend to do in the morning is refreshing and update ourselves. This includes taking a look through our emails, responding to any immediate fires and getting rid of the irrelevant stuff. When working within an agency, client communication is every. Email is the centre of a large amount of our communication, so keeping our team up to date is crucial. After this, we usually look at our social media channels, checking messages and engagement. We spend some time interacting with a few posts in the morning and look at our social media ads to ensure they are running smoothly and gaining the exposure we intended. I also like to review our social scheduling platform to see what posts are scheduled to go out that day and then look over our Google My Business profile to check for any messages.

Begin with our tasks for the day

Any agency worth their salt will have management software in place, with estimated time frames and dependencies. These tasks can range from updating a client’s Google Ads to creating our own SEO strategy for the month ahead. As you can tell, the tasks can differ greatly, usually working on several client projects within a day on their digital marketing strategy. Juggling multiple clients and tasks at once is something you have to get used to when working within digital marketing, especially in an agency setting. Other typical tasks our digital team tend to carry out are:

  • Client content creation
  • Optimisation tasks on a client’s websites, social media, etc.
  • Client report creation
  • Internal and external content outreach

Of course, this is far from an extensive list; digital marketing is a wide-ranging, varied job description. Usually, unexpected tasks can creep upon us, with tasks popping up that need our immediate attention, so our days are never set in stone.

Meetings… Meetings & More Meetings

Meetings don’t occur every day, but a digital marketer should be prepared for a client or prospective client to ask for a chat at any time. At Bite Digital, we know that quick communication and talking things out with a client is often much more effective, than an email, so we pride ourselves on our ability to always be available to our clients. These meetings could be progress updates on their digital marketing strategy, or even requesting some additional services. Meetings with prospective clients, quotes, or retainer questions could include a general chat about our services and find out if we are the best match for them.

We love chatting with our clients and prospective clients. Get in contact today for a discussion about our services.


With any spare time we get throughout the day, although rare, we tend to spend monitoring our analytics and internal campaigns. We usually run audits to see if there are any errors or changes in site health, look over Google Analytics and make sure everything is running smoothly and traffic is coming in from the relevant acquisitions and with no jump in bounce rate, session duration, etc. The team may check over any advertising to ensure that each campaign ad is spending its budget and is fully optimised. If there are any issues we encounter, we make sure to correct them. Check-ins are vital to ensure that no issues are missed and that everything is running at the optimum level.

Staying up to Date

Digital marketing is all about staying up to date with the latest algorithms, trends and technology. We always make sure that we are aware of any news or changes within the digital marketing industry that could affect the way we work on our marketing strategies. We do this by viewing digital marketing blogs and following industry news on social media. Being in with the now allows you to get the most within marketing.

Internal Development

Of course, we have to make time to better ourselves each day. This is why we dedicate some time to developing our team’s skillset on a regular basis, where we take new digital marketing courses and read blogs on the latest developments in the field. Our team are always on the lookout for learning opportunities that will help us raise our digital marketing game and get better results for our clients. Bite Digital are Google Analytics and Ads certified.

Our digital marketing days vary, and we always try to keep on top whilst gaining the best results possible for our clients. If you are interested in upping your digital marketing strategy today, and struggling to get the right digital marketing help with your business, get in contact with us today.

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