Answering The Digital Marketing FAQs

Answering The Digital Marketing FAQs

As a digital marketing agency, we get asked so many questions each day. As digital marketing grows ever popular, many people still don’t understand what it is, or the different elements of the craft. Some common misconceptions include people believing digital marketing is only for large, global and established businesses or even people believing that digital marketing has no impact on business and revenue. Too many people think that digital marketing is just posting on social media. Crazy, right?

We have made this blog post to clear up any misconceptions and answer the most common questions we are asked about digital marketing and agency work too. We are an honest agency, we won’t lie to you or give you false hopes so our answers will remain truthful. Hopefully, if you have had any burning questions, you’ve been unable to find a clear and concise answer to, today is the day you have them answered. If you’re still curious about something after, feel free to message our social channels!

What is digital marketing and what does it consist of?

The most basic question is this. Many people don’t understand what digital marketing is and what it is made up of. Essentially, digital marketing is the process of promoting something online through various techniques. Many businesses have a digital marketing strategy that includes goals they aim to achieve through a marketing plan and how they will achieve that. Not every business has the same digital marketing, because they have different methods and goals. It consists of social media marketing, content & copywriting, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click marketing, analytics and conversion rate optimisation. Many people also include and use the term search engine marketing, which is similar to PPC.

Each element can be further broken down into sub-categories. If you want to know more, visit our services page where you’ll find a breakdown of SEOPPC and more.

How quickly will you see results?

Many people expect to see results in digital marketing straight away, they also expect their plan to always do well and grow dramatically as time passes. DM is infinite, meaning you have to constantly upkeep your work to see good results and that isn’t always guaranteed perfect performance on campaigns. Sometimes, you may see a slight dip in performance but then the next month, see the best rise your company has ever had. You must consistently review your strategy and be flexible to change as well as have patience if things don’t go perfectly the first time. You need time to work on building and deploying a plan, some services may see more results sooner than others.

For example, if you use social media advertising and you aim to increase followers then you will see results as followers increase quicker than setting up a Google Ads PPC campaign that needs time to settle in and gain traction.

Agency vs In-house?

Usually, this question comes down to budgets at the end of the day. It may cost more to hire a marketing team internally or an individual than an agency. It is down to the pricing of the agency and how much work you need doing as well as if it is regular or infrequent for a set period. We tend to say if you require someone to carry out your plans immediately and constant 24/7 access to someone for marketing then it may be better to hire internally. If you’re happy to leave professionals to structure and carry out a strategy over time and keep working on it when scheduled, then an agency could be better. Additionally, if you have no prior experience of marketing or digital then it could be beneficial to hire an agency due to the expertise and experience, they have amongst their teams. An agency will know all the tips and tricks of the trade as well as the latest marketing tools available and updated algorithms.

Does business location/size matter?

Here’s a revelation for everyone in the 21st century… size does not actually matter. We’re talking about business size, of course. Get your head out of the gutter.

No, at Design Box we don’t limit the size of businesses that we take on as clients. We are happy to work with smaller, medium or even larger companies as long as they’re happy to work with us. Other businesses may limit, but not here.

In terms of location, digital marketing is online so that means it can be carried out no matter how far. We work with clients overseas as well as locally. We work with clients who are able to speak English even if they are originally from another area with a different language. So, generally, location and size aren’t an issue as long as we can communicate properly.

How can digital marketing benefit me?

If you own a business and are reading this wondering how this can be beneficial. Well, especially now since the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses have realised the power of going online and gaining a customer base there. You can reach more people than ever before that perhaps weren’t available in person. A huge part of our human population is online and going digital allows your business to cater to who sees it and find the right people to buy your products or services or invest in your brand. DM can gain you more customers, increase brand loyalty, build brands, increase revenue, increase exposure and reach. The possibilities are endless.

What is the consultation process?

This is our process at Design Box. Other agencies may differ, but we believe in gaining knowledge of our potential client, their goals and plans before we go any further and try to sell them our services. After initial contact with a potential client, we tend to try arranging a meeting with them where our team can have a chat with them. This chat usually involves discussing what their business is, what they want for the future of it, why they are wanting digital marketing and what services they were thinking of. From this information, we will discuss what we think of their plans and how we best think our services could benefit them. Our values are based on honesty, so we never try to sell something to a client that we know they will not need even if they first believe they do. After this initial meeting, we will go off and do further research on the potential client and draw up a proposed marketing plan which will be emailed to them and agreed, amended or rejected if they decide they don’t have the budget or don’t want to anymore.

How do we measure digital marketing?

Each month we create reports for our clients. These reports will contain statistics from the campaigns we have been working on in their strategy. We will highlight the progress, what we have done, if there are any issues and what we plan on doing next. All data is collated from our measuring tools including Google Analytics. As each client has different plans, not everyone is measured the same way although they all receive monthly reports with dedicated tracking of progress.

Does the business industry affect who agencies work with?

For us, no. The business industry does not affect who we work with. We have clients ranging across industries from food services to engineering and manufacturing. The good thing about expert digital marketers is that they are flexible and able to adapt quickly. This is why it doesn’t matter what industry we work within because our handy research skills allow us to acquire knowledge of an industry fairly quickly and cater our efforts towards that sector.

Why Design Box?

Our last question is why us? Why choose us over a large number of other agencies out there. Our answer to that is that we are real, dedicated, honest and hardworking towards getting you the best possible results. We want to see you succeed and we would love to be a part of that. Our experienced team will research, target and convert your ideal audiences into loyal and advocating customers without you having to lift a finger!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, get in touch today for a free digital marketing quote.

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