Catering Content To Holidays

Catering Content To Holidays

When you create content for your business’ email marketing campaigns, social media posts and other digital marketing tactics, do you consider upcoming holidays and events? If not, you could be missing out on some serious engagement, sales or enquiries.


  • Why Base Content Around Special Occasions?
  • How to Write for Holidays
  • Things to Remember
  • Scheduling & Creating Holiday Content
  • Summary

Why Base Content Around Special Occasions?

Creating content based on trends, upcoming events and holidays can help increase engagement. People feel more connected when it comes to holidays and really get in the spirit with others through social media to celebrate together. Reaching these people through this type of content could be the key to unlocking more shares, likes, follows, comments and click-throughs to your website.

Content for other purposes such as email marketing campaigns should be created based on upcoming holidays, as this usually leads to a higher open-rate and click-through rate. Especially if you run an eCommerce business and add offers alongside the holiday event, this type of content will help to increase CTRs and ROI.

It isn’t often you see blog posts based around a holiday or event but adding these to your content marketing plan and creating a post that speaks about how your business is celebrating this time is a way to keep your loyal customers updated and add personality to your content. You will also find that holiday keywords become more popular at certain times of the year and can improve your visibility online.

If you feel like the content you are putting out there is becoming repetitive, this is a good way to break that cycle and be more diverse with the stuff you write.

How to Write for Holidays

To write content that converts for the holidays and upcoming events, you need to make sure that your tone of voice is correct. By this, we mean when writing about something such as Halloween, try to fit the occasion. This could include using words associated with Halloween, creating metaphors and similes that are based around the holiday and generally making sure that your content matches how your audiences feel about this holiday.

Whatever occasion you write for, your content needs to fit and engage an audience. Halloween should have a spooky tone, just like Christmas should be cheery and festive.

You should, as always, conduct keyword research beforehand and make sure to schedule posts at the appropriate time. It is also useful for things such as email marketing to create additional posts to lead up to the holiday and take part in trends that occur around this time.

Some occasions that you could create content for include: · Halloween · Easter · Christmas · International Women’s Day · Ramadan · New Years · Father’s/Mother’s day

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are lots of international holidays and occasions to shout about. There are plenty of online calendars which include the dates of events and occasions.

Things to Remember

It is important to remember that not everyone will celebrate the holidays you write about. Some holidays are specific to religions and some occasions just aren’t celebrated by people for their own reasons. It might be worth adding a disclaimer such as, “Merry Christmas to all celebrating today, if you don’t celebrate Christmas then we hope you have a wonderful day today!” Mentioning this promotes inclusivity.

Some holidays and occasions may have to be approached with caution when speaking about them. An example of this is Mother’s day which was recently a trending topic amongst businesses. This is because many retailers tend to send emails out for Mother’s day gifts to their mailing list which can be quite a touchy subject so a lot of companies have turned to offering opt-out or opt-in options when it comes to occasions like this. By doing this, you are being considerate of other people’s situations and not pestering them with content that could possibly upset them or leave them removing all contact from your company.

Scheduling & Creating Holiday Content

As an overall rule for social media content, you should always schedule it. Find out more on why you should always schedule content here.

Creating and scheduling posts can be time-consuming, especially if you’re running your own business and have many other duties that have to be prioritised. A digital marketing agency can do all of this for you. We can research upcoming holidays and create posts to celebrate these that will engage your followers and reach new ones. It is always important to be involved in a community on social media or be in touch with your mailing list, so don’t let your audience feel left out by not celebrating special occasions with them.

An experienced digital marketing agency will know all the relevant hashtags to target for the best engagement and the perfect times to post. We can also build up hype for special promotions for these holidays. Not only that, but our digital marketing team also offer a social media content planning service where we are able to create a diverse mix of high-quality content with industry research for you to post amongst your social channels. Take a look at our social media marketing services here.


Whether you decide to incorporate holiday content into your digital marketing strategy is completely your choice. By choosing to add this, you can increase your chances of exposure to new people, returning customers, increase brand awareness and more. If you’re running an email marketing campaign and include an incentive alongside the promotional email then people are more likely to see it, open and take advantage.

If you are struggling with where to start with holiday content planning or content planning in general. Take a look at our content services. If you’re interested in some posts creating for the upcoming events of the Winter, contact us today.

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