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Display Ads are a great solution for businesses wanting to branch out, increase brand awareness and website traffic. The sheer scale of display advertising means that it is an attractive method for many business owners, with Google suggesting that up to 90% of internet users come into contact with display advertising. Whatsmore, Display Ads are a great way to couple remarketing tactics with brand awareness, giving a fuller digital marketing approach. 

The Design Box team are experienced in the world of all things display advertising and we know how to target your ideal consumers in order for your Ads to generate relevant traffic.

Not only that, but we can create stunning graphics for your Ads that will leave your competitors in the rear-view mirror and construct landing pages that are designed to inspire engagement. Find out more about that here.

Display Ads are often only a piece of the pay per click advertising puzzle and generally feed well into other digital marketing activities. To find out more about what paid advertising opportunities could be right for you, get in touch today and we’ll get cracking on your business’ next big move.

Our Display Ads Approach

The team at Design Box know what will reel your target audiences in. We have close links with expert designers who can work with us to create the perfect appealing creative and our in-house content marketers will craft captivating copy to grab attention. 

First, we will start by doing audience, keyword and industry research and then formulating a profile of your ideal converting customer. Once we have the creative and audience, we add our appealing text and an awesome CTA, irresistible to all who see it and voila! Our display advertising services target the right demographics, behaviours, placements and keywords that will create a direct ROI for you. We may have spared you the intricacies of creating a high-converting display advertisement, but our door is always open to offer advice on support for anything related to pay per click advertising. 

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Benefits of Display Advertising

  • Perfect for giving your brand visual identity.
  • Able to retarget customers who may have dropped off the marketing funnel.
  • Appears on the Google Display Network which is a collection of popular websites, YouTube.
  • Cost-Effective PPC method.
  • Ease of tracking progress and the impact on your digital marketing strategy.
  • Able to target your ideal audience and choose precise locations to advertise on the Google Display Network.

Why this type of PPC advertising?

Display advertising can be extremely beneficial for businesses trying to make their mark in their industry. Display ads allow companies to show off their brand, offerings and products to customers who dropped off the funnel whilst previously on their website or completely new users who have expressed previous interest in something that matches up to your business. 

Display advertising gives the user something to look at and, consequently, something to judge and determine whether it may be right for them. In the 21st century, many people are visual learners and prefer seeing something over reading about it, making this method of pay per click advertising able to capture those users who scroll right past the Search Ads.

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