How To Build The Perfect Social Media Profile

How To Build The Perfect Social Media Profile

You can’t deny it, social media is everywhere these days. The competition to have social profiles which stand out and earn every follow is immense. There are several aspects to building the perfect social media profile and we are going to tell you a few today.


  • Username & Display Name
  • Bio/About You Section
  • Profile Picture/Banner
  • Additional Features
  • Summary

Follow our tips down below and watch as your engagement and interaction rate shoot up across your social media platforms.

Username & Display Name

Starting simple, you need to think about your username and display name. Of course, your username needs to be your business or as close as possible if that isn’t available. If your business name isn’t available, don’t overcomplicate it with additional signs or lettering but try to keep it simple and close.

Some platforms, such as Twitter, allow you to choose a display name as well as a username. The display name is what stands out the most, it also impacts how well people searching find you depending on each social platform’s searching algorithm. So, as well as including your business name, it is useful to include something similar to the services/products you offer as people searching for these may find you easier.

For example, if you are a digital marketing agency such as Design Box. Using the display name, “Design Box,” is good as it already has the keyword digital in it. This could be optimised by adding the keywords, “Design Box – Digital Marketing Agency in Qatar,” onto the end of it. Of course, this varies by platform and capabilities, but it applies to Twitter.

Bio/About You Section

This area of your profile is where you introduce yourself to the people within your community and promote what you are about. In your bio or about you section of your profile you should always include the industry and type of business that you are in alongside the services/products you offer and who you offer them to. Bios usually have character/word limits so be careful not to go over this.

Try adding a call to action or incentive at the end of your bio as your goal is for people to invest in your business. Something such as, “Click the link to get your free SEO audit today,” is effective as you are adding value to the person reading it.

If you have a unique brand identity, then it could be good to include a play on words or something that correlates with this. Through doing this, sets the tone for your business and helps to promote brand awareness. Emojis are important! Don’t forget to add emojis where possible if applicable as these will help capture attention. Unless, of course, your business takes on a slightly more serious tone of voice.

Profile Picture/Banner

Your profile picture should include the logo of your business. This is the most effective way to showcase brand identity and increase awareness. Sometimes, companies who cater to seasonal holidays usually add seasonal changes to their logo and make this their profile picture which could be beneficial to increase engagement and interaction. This isn’t as applicable to more professional platforms such as LinkedIn.

Ensuring you have a banner is also as important, having both your banner and profile picture gives you a visual identity and makes people able to get a better first impression of your brand.

Colour palettes used in banners and profile pictures should match the brand colours that you use.

Additional Features

Some social media platforms add extra features when enhancing your profile. For example, LinkedIn allows you to add a tagline which is a short sentence or two that will direct attention to your brand. Additional features should be taken advantage of because they help build a complete, perfect social profile.

Other features include being able to add buttons linking to your website on your page and adding the category of business that you fall into. Using these adds more personality to the profile you build.


If you’re a business looking to begin using social media or perhaps you have been using social networks for a while. but don’t feel as though you are getting the most from your profiles, our expert social media marketing team can help you set up, optimise and manage your social media marketing.

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