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Seriously stunning vector animations to help convey your message quicker and easier than reading this text.

we're sure you'll agree, reading text is boring and if you're truly smart, you will have stopped by now

When confronted with a wall of text, few people continue reading past the first sentence, meaning that important information can often be missed. If you have a message that you need to deliver, using animation is a far faster and more engaging way to deliver it.

how do we do it?

At Design Box, we take your words and turn them into a script. From there, we storyboard the animation, listing motion ideas next to each line of text.

Once we have your approval, this becomes a vectorised visual where we create each frame as an artboard and element as a layer.

Your story can be narrated by a pro, whilst a backing track and sound effects flow seamlessly and our designers and animators love to work together to take the visual from the boring land of static to the wonderful world of motion.
motion designer in qatar

Unlike generic copy, the possibilities for vector animation are endless, meaning your marketing tactics could be virtually unstoppable. How many of your competitors are using vector animation to take their business to the next level? 

Whether it’s for your website, a social campaign, or internal use within your company, animation is the perfect way to bring even the most mundane of subjects to life.

If you’re fed up with reading this, realise how your customers might feel, and want something a bit more exciting, fill in our form and come for a brew.


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