• A6 German Certificates

    32 A6 certificates, printed on 160gsm card. An excellent way to aid in the communication between school and home. This is a fabulous set of mini French certificates to reward, encourage and motivate. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£4.34   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Ask a Question Dice Set

    This Ask a Question Dice is a great resource which can be used to extend learning outside the classroom. Words are printed on the dice to helpchildren to create questions. Encourages the useof language, improves sentence building and communication skills and have fun, all at the same time Dice 1 – who, what, when, where,…

  • Assorted Springs

    Assorted Springs Product Specification Brand:School Stationery Pack Size:100   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Boomwhackers Whack A Doodle Doo Songbook

    The musical notes in these songbooks are colour-coded to match the tubes according to Boomwhackers Chroma-Notes Coloured Music System. The coloured notes enable anyone to easily play and learn about reading music at the same time. One person can play the songs on a XyloTote Tube Holder or several people can each have one or…

  • BrainBox Cities of the World

    Seventy of the worlds most iconic cities are covered in this BrainBox game. Each card shows the location of the city within its country, has interesting places, people and foods and has a Did you know fact at the bottom. Covering countries from all continents, this title will make a great resource to support geography…

  • BrainBox Kings and Queens of England

    This game for one or more players covers all the monarchs of England since 1066, spread over 55 illustrated cards stuffed full of fun facts. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • BrainBox Religious Education Pack

    BrainBox Religious Education Pack has 120 cards which are divided into 15 cards each on Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism, 10 cards showing comparitives between the religions and 20 cards covering stories from each religion. This is a great resource for children and teachers alike and not only helps to provide a thorough…

  • BrainBox World History

    Did you know that during the first moon landing the astronauts spent 21 hours on the surface of the moon Or that the Berlin Wall was 87 miles long BrainBox World History contains 72 beautifully-illustrated cards highlighting some of the greatest and most significant historical events from the Stone Age to the Renaissance to the…

  • Buddhism Snap Pack

    Buddhism snap will provide a helpful resource for children learning about aspects of Buddhism. With cards showing information about the story of Siddhartha Gautama, the noble eightfold path, symbols and clothing. These cards can be used to play Snap and Pairs as well as being used as flashcards. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery Pack Size:1  …

  • Buddhist Vihara

    Allow children to make a journey of exploration with this wonderful Buddhist Vihara or temple. Made in Sri Lanka by a fair trade co-operative, our temple allows young children to investigate some aspects of Buddhism through creative play. The set comes with wooden play people and monk as well as the contents of the shrine…

  • Build a Better Kitchen

    Lets get cooking with this build a better kitchen set. In the set is all you need to help you get started. contents includes 3 x potato mashers, 3 x plastic colanders, 3 x plastic funnels, 3 x garlic presses, 3 x carving knives, 3 x slotted turners, 4 x black aluminium frypans 2 x…

  • Bullying Poster Set Pack of 6

    Complete set of 6 A3 posters that can be added to your walls to promote awareness. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Card Axle Supports

    5mm holes take 4mm axles. Pack of 100. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Cardboard Wheels 50mm

    2mm thick cardboard like material, very strong. 4mm i.d. hole. Available in 40mm and 50mm diameter. Pack of 100. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Chimes

    The solid wooden tuned instrument consists of a set of 8 metal tubes hung from a timber frame. The chimes are struck with a beater and sound like church bells when played. The longer the length of tube that is struck, the lower the pitch that is created.Solid woodDimensions W1300 x H1600mm. Product Specification Brand:School…

  • Christianity Snap Pack

    This quick and easy-to-use card set is a great way of helping your pupils to learn about Christianity. The cards depict important images from different Christian festivals, practices, beliefs and saints, amongst many more. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£4.34   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Collins UK In Maps

    Collins UK in Maps is a multi-topic atlas of the UK, which introduces the most relevant topics to reflect the Geography Key Stage 2-3 requirements of the National Curriculum. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£8.85   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Coloured Blank Flash Cards 1000 small cards

    Make your own flash cards in an array of colours. 5 assorted colours pink, yellow, blue, green and orange. Supplied in 2 sizes 76 228mm pack of 250 cards and 50 76mm pack of 1000 cards. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • CVC Dominoes

    A pack of 28 Jumbo sized stackable dominoes moulded in plastic. Printed black on yellow for visual clarity, these chunky dominoes are a challenging and fun way to reinforce recognition of CVC words. Dimensions 100 x 50 x 50mm. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£12.99   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Dowel 4mm

    Ramin dowel 600mm long. Available in 3mm pack of 10, 4 and 5mm packs of 100. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery Pack Size:100   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Early Islamic Civilisation Poster

    Featuring photos, key words, notes and a map, this colourful and attractive A1 poster provides an overview of Baghdad around AD900. Ideal for the study of a Non-European historical civilisation. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£11.99   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Early Literacy Progress Pack

    Bridge the gap and ensure that your pupils make progress in their early literacy development with this multisensory set of resources. Pack containsActive Alphabet Cards, Set of 6 tabards, Literacy Outdoors book, Lowercase and Uppercase Pebbles, Feely Fabric Letters, Alphabet Pathway Mats, Tune into Initial sounds cards and audio CD, Helping Young Children with Phonological…

  • Edding Handwriting Pen Black, Pack of 12

    The edding notewriter is a high quality pen perfect for precise writing and drawing by children, students and adults. Soft plastic tip produces a smooth ink flow. Its long writing life makes it ideal for everyday writing and note taking. Black ink. Pack of 12. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£6.65   Pack Size:12   Parcel…

  • Emotion Lollipop Puppets Faces Pack of 36

    A great way to teach PSHE, communication skills and creative development. Each child can create their own lollipop puppet by colouring with paint, felt pens or crayons and use them to talk about families, feelings and relationships. Available in Faces or Family pack. Pack of 36 puppets. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£8.85   Pack Size:1…

  • Environmental Regions of North America

    This attractive map of North America shows state and national boundaries along with the wide variety of environmental regions on the continent, as required in the geography National Curriculum. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£8.99   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • European Flag Bunting

    28 polyester flags one for each of the countries in the European Union. The bunting is 750mm long and each flag is 150 x 230 mm Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£19.98   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • First Comprehension Teachers Guide

    The First Comprehension Teachers Guideprovides a wealth of supporting information and resources, enabling you to use First Comprehension to its full potential.Teaching noteshelp you to introduce each text and to mark childrens written answers to the questions. Follow-up activities, for group or whole-class use, include speaking and listening work. This provides opportunities for further discussion…

  • Foam Dice with Pockets

    Lightweight dice with pockets. Insert cards not included. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£8.75   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Foldaway Adjustable Music Stands Multi-Coloured

    Durable music stand, very high quality construction. 3 tier, wide tripod base with positive action thumb screws for accurate height adjustments. Music desk is adjustable and features music retainers, size 430 x 215mm. Maximum stand height 1250mm. Comes with nylon carrying bag and non-slip plastic feet. Available in chrome or multicoloured. The chrome is also…

  • Fraction Fundamentals Snap

    This new Snap game is a great way of helping children to learn about the fundamentals of working with fractions and how they relate to decimals, percentages and parts of a whole unit. For example, playing Snap, children will be trying to snap cards that match like 0.5, 510, 50, , 24. Ideal for KS2….

  • French Dictionary for Beginners

    A dictionary designed to make language learning easy and fun. Containing over 2,000 everyday words and phrases grouped thematically and illustrated with amusing pictures and busy scenes. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • French Wipeable Weather Chart

    A laminated, markable weather chart for the classroom, with labelled photographs and symbols to show the weather every day. Size 42cm x 59cm. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£6.65   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a