• CVC Dominoes

    A pack of 28 Jumbo sized stackable dominoes moulded in plastic. Printed black on yellow for visual clarity, these chunky dominoes are a challenging and fun way to reinforce recognition of CVC words. Dimensions 100 x 50 x 50mm. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£12.99   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Early Literacy Progress Pack

    Bridge the gap and ensure that your pupils make progress in their early literacy development with this multisensory set of resources. Pack containsActive Alphabet Cards, Set of 6 tabards, Literacy Outdoors book, Lowercase and Uppercase Pebbles, Feely Fabric Letters, Alphabet Pathway Mats, Tune into Initial sounds cards and audio CD, Helping Young Children with Phonological…

  • Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 1 Colour

    The Jolly Phonics Pupil Books can be given to each child in the class, to complete a range of daily lessons. The Teachers Book provides lesson plans and ideas for the teacher. These books can be used to teach Jolly Phonics on a daily basis. The books provide a years worth of structured daily lessons…

  • Maxigrip School Bags A4 Blue

    Strong, durable, polythene carrier bags. Handy write-on panel for identification purposes. Resealable closure. A4 307 x 355mm. Blue. Pack of 25. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£8.85   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Mini Storytelling Scenes Adventure Stories

    How do the Storytelling Scenes help you and your pupils They can be used to retell and plan stories, developing essential speaking and listening skills and laying the foundations of storytelling language and patterns. They build childrens confidence as they can use the kits to create their own stories using characters, settings and objects that…

  • Oxford School Dictionary

    45,000 words and phrases. Parts of speech and word forms given to help teach grammar and spelling. Up-to-date examples, grammar and usage notes. Word origins for all root words provide an understanding of the history of the language. An appendix provides information on grammar, punctuation, spelling and pronunciation. Appendices include weights, measures and countries lists….

  • Plain Wood Lowercase Letters

    This super versatile set of wooden letters contains one complete alphabet plus additional vowels and frequently used letters. Can be used as templates or in displays to help with recognition of letters and simple words. Contains approx. 60 letters. Average height 45mm. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£9.1   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • The Enormous Book of Talk for Writing Games for KS2

    bHave fun talking and writingb This book is packed with games that will help children at every stage of the Talk for Writing teaching approach for poetry and story writing.There are games that can be used to help children deepen their understanding of stories by inhabiting an imagined world and games to develop creative thinking,…