• Fraction Fundamentals Snap

    This new Snap game is a great way of helping children to learn about the fundamentals of working with fractions and how they relate to decimals, percentages and parts of a whole unit. For example, playing Snap, children will be trying to snap cards that match like 0.5, 510, 50, , 24. Ideal for KS2….

  • Omnifix Cubes Pack 1000

    Omnifix cubes can be used with any maths curriculum that specifies linking cubes. In 4 brilliant colours, they measure 20mm. Simply snap the flat shapes together to form cubes and join them together to create different shapes. Supplied in a storage tub. Pack of 1000. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£91.75   Pack Size:1   Parcel…

  • Place Value Counters 10,00039s Pack 100

    Place value counters that are 26mm diameter. Handy pack of add-on counters for use with the Place Value Range. 100 counters per set. Product Specification Brand:School Stationery rrp:£7.2   Pack Size:1   Parcel Dimensions:n/a  

  • Unifix Cubes Hundred Base

    Use this versatile tool and Unifix Cubes to model and understand number concepts, base 10, and operations through 100. Comprehensive teachers guide includes illustrated activities for number relationships, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Includes 22 number label cards 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 100-grid card to position behind stacks of cubes. Unifix Cubes are…