• Q-Connect OHP Pen Permanent Fine Black (Pack of 10)

    Create colourful presentations, reports and displays with these quick drying Q-Connect OHP Pens, which are suitable for OHP film and other smooth surfaces. The fine nib produces a 0.5mm line width for neat and precise writing. Barrel colour: Black Fine 0.5mm line width provides smooth, controlled writing Ink colour: Black Pack of 10 Permanent ink…

  • Staedtler Lumocolour Pen Permanent Fine Red (Pack of 10)

    This premium Staedtler Lumocolour pen has been specially developed for use on overhead projection film for stylish presentations. This versatile pen is also suitable for use on a variety of other surfaces including glass, CDs, plastic, porcelain, wood and leather. The permanent ink is fast drying to avoid smudging and provides vibrant, high intensity colour….