Doily Rice Heart Design Ceramic Ornaments

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Ceramic Doily Rice heart ornaments are well-known and popular ornaments. They offer unique decorations for Christmas trees. These sophisticated ornaments were crafted from durable ceramic material. They are therefore durable and robust. These personalized ornaments come in a simple white tone. As a result, you can print vibrant paintings on them using the sublimation printing option. These printed ornaments are more attractive due to their tiny, round hearts. Your vibrant graphics will fit on it without difficulty because of the 10 cm broad space. Customers in the market love these personalized ornaments a lot.

These ornaments with printing are distinctive promotional items. You can therefore add your brand’s distinctive logo or emblem to them to make them uniquely yours. The printed colors seem to be really brilliant and vivid. These ornaments are a wonderful way to commemorate the event. Additionally, they are competitively priced and cheap. Because of this, you can give them as presents to advertise your brand. They can also be customized as gifts for close family and friends.

  • Made from a durable ceramic substance.
  • Obtainable in a pure white shade.
  • The available size is 10 cm.
  • A plan with a circular form with curved edges.
  • Small hearts are arranged in a circle.
  • A distinctive promotional item.
  • Fashionable decorative object.
Printing Option
  • Sublimation Printing


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