Double Hook Cord Lanyards with Adjustable Lock

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Double hook cord lanyards with movable locks are a common giveaway item that companies and organisations use for marketing. These lanyards are useful accessories that may hold many different things, including ID badges, keys, smartphones, USB drives, and more.

Typically, they are formed of a sturdy cord material, which is frequently made of nylon or polyester. The term “double hook” describes a lanyard with two hooks or attachments that enable users to carry various items at once. The lanyard’s functionality is increased by this feature, which also boosts its allure to recipients.


The lanyard design’s “adjustable lock” is an essential component. It is excellent for persons of varying heights and preferences for wearing the lanyard around their neck or securing it to their bag or belt loop since users can modify the length of the lanyard according to their preferences.


As a promotional item, these lanyards have the following benefits:


Brand Visibility: These lanyards feature your company logo or message and are given out to employees, clients, or event attendees to ensure ongoing brand exposure.


Practicality: People use lanyards to conveniently carry critical goods, which increases their likelihood of using and appreciating the product.


Versatility: The two hook design makes the lanyard more functional and appealing by enabling users to carry multiple objects.


Cost-effectiveness: Lanyards are a cost-effective option for mass distribution because they are reasonably affordable when compared to other promotional materials.


Customization: To make the lanyards distinctive to your brand, you can add your business’ name, emblem, or preferred colors.


Promotion of the Event: Attendee badges are frequently held on lanyards during conferences, trade exhibitions, and business events to make identification simple.


Employee Morale: Giving out these lanyards to staff members can develop a sense of community and belonging inside the company, which will raise spirits and foster a sense of teamwork.


Customer Loyalty: Giving these lanyards to customers as freebies or presents might increase their admiration of your business.


When selecting double hook cord lanyards with adjustable locks as a promotional item, bear in mind your target market, the message you want to get across, as well as the lanyards’ general style and build. You may successfully market your business and make a good impression on recipients by choosing a well-designed and practical promotional item.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 370 x 5 mm
  • Weight: 0.009 kg
  • Available Colors: White, Black
  • Non-printable.


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