Glass Medals

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Gifts from corporations are always unique. The best option for advertising is these tiny glass medals with branded finishes. Without a second thought, you can give these medals as business presents. They are made of premium glass. When light hits the edges of this medal, a prismatic effect is produced. One medal is about 8mm in size, which is a good size for a present without being too big or small.

There are two printing possibilities for this item. Laser engraving and UV printing are additional options for customization. The customizing process has given these printed medals a branded appearance. At the top of the medal, there is a little hook-shaped hole. This printed medal can also be fastened using any ribbon through that hook. These glass medals were created especially for advertising reasons and make a great gift for your staff.

The prominent features of the glass medal box are:

  • High-grade glass serves as the medal’s substance.
  • The medal is 8mm in size.
  • A prismatic light effect results from laser cutting on edges.
  • An excellent promotional item.
  • Best for all types of ceremonies and celebrations.
  • Customizable! It can be customized however you wish.
  • Options for printing include UV printing and laser engraving.
Printing Options
  • UV Printing | Laser Engraving


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