Metal Oxide Thermal CPU Paste Compound

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  1. Our thermal CPU paste improves the effectiveness of CPU coolers by thermally bonding the CPU to the heatsink.A high quality metallic solution that helps to ensure maximum dissipation of heat generated by the CPU for optimized performance and greater system stability; and is more effective than standard silicon-based heat grease/CPU paste, providing optimum protection against CPU heat damage.Please see our support section for the Material Safety Data Sheet for SILVGREASE1.
  2. 4-6 applications per tube
  3. Metal-based compound containing metal oxide
  4. Negligible electrical conductivity
  5. Resealable syringe applicator
  6. Stable performance over a wide temperature range
  7. Thermal conductivity of more than 1.93 W/m-K

Product Specification

  1. Brand:StarTech
  2. rrp:£3.65  
  3. Pack Size:1  
  4. Parcel Dimensions:n/a  


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