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Cool marketing pens They were made from dependable, very resilient ABS plastic. They are strong and secure to utilize as a result. Specially made with a solid color, its barrel. Because of this, the entire barrel has a glossy matte appearance. This pen has such a chic style. While the tip is silver, the barrel, and clip are both solid colors. The push button of the pen is silver-plated as well. As a result, it makes the pen appear expensive.

Additionally, a large refill is included so you can write smoothly for 4,000 meters. It includes a refill of the Parker type. There are options for screen printing, PAD printing, and UV printing. As a result, you can personalize these pens to promote your business. These are therefore great products for  stationery suppliers. The pens can be personalized with the names of your loved ones. These promotional pens are also great tools for promoting start-up companies.

  • Produced from robust ABS plastic.
  • Best pens for  pen providers.
  • Pens with a unique design for businesses.
  • Push-button and tip made of silver and gold.
  • Glossy barrel and clip in a solid hue.
  • The glittering silver tip is gleaming.

Printing Options

  • UV Printing | Screen Printing | PAD Printing


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