Reusable Acrylic Name Badges

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Reusable acrylic name badges are ideal for use as identification or as promotional items. Acrylic material had been used to make it. As a result, these branded badges are dependable and durable. They additionally have matte surfaces. because of the dazzling finish. This printed name badge has a very plain, traditional, and straightforward design. They have a pointed, rectangular shape in their design. They are 75 x 20 mm in dimension. It also includes a pin that goes with it that can be attached. The best products for promoting small businesses are these. As a result, these products will aid your company’s growth. They can be given out to your staff and consumers.

Additionally, digital printing is an option. As a result, you can personalize it with a name or brand. This custom name badge is perfect for your front desk personnel and office staff. Additionally, these custom name badges make excellent marketing tools. In addition to being inexpensive, these customized badges are also incredibly practical. Your personnel should wear these printed name badges to conferences, meetings, and seminars.

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Full Size: 75 x 20 mm
  • Available Color: Transparent
  • Back Attachment Pins or Magnets
Printing Options
  • Digital Printing


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