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Top 5 Benefits of Display Advertising for your Brand

Our top 5 benefits of using display advertising in your digital marketing strategy!


  • 1: Gives Your Brand A Visual Identity
  • 2: Display Advertising & Retargeting
  • 3: Display Adverts Appear On Popular Websites
  • 4: Ease of Progress Tracking & Measuring
  • 5: Cost-Effective
  • Summary

We understand that not everyone is aware of the different types of digital advertising. From Google Search Ads to video advertising and the Display Network. All have a different purpose and intent when trying to entice an online viewer to click on them. Display advertising is normally very image-heavy, showcasing your products and branding on a much larger scale, which appear on different websites that your customers go to. Do you know those ads you see when scrolling through a news website, usually in the form of a small box or banner? That is an example of display advertising.

Display advertising is an extremely popular way of advertising in 2023, and we are here to tell you the top five benefits as to why…

It Gives Your Brand A Visual Identity

Not everyone, especially online, wants to have to read pages of information about your brand. Many digital consumers don’t even want to read a couple of sentences! (We apologise for the many sentences you’ve already had to read if you’re a millennial, no hard feelings?). Using display advertising helps people who would rather view and learn about things visually to notice your brand as opposed to them having to read about it. Some feel more comfortable being able to put a logo or product image to a brand as opposed to having to understand the brand purely through reading.
Display advertising helps you to build brand awareness on an immense scale. Google claims to have over 2 million websites in its Display Network, meaning that, no matter how niche your products and audience, there is a good chance that Display Ads will still target someone in your demographic. If more people can see your organisation’s identity through visual techniques, you could become more recognisable in the future. Especially if the brand has a memorable logo or colours. People will instantly be able to associate those with your business.

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Display Advertising & Retargeting

Retargeting is when display advertisements are shown on many different websites to users who have visited your website and engaged with your content or are an existing customer.
This is effective for the existing customer because it is an exercise of loyalty from the brand. Retargeting helps you to target customers who have already purchased services or products from you, and reels them back in, giving them a sense of worth within your business. Display Ads retargeting for existing customers will also be a good chance to showcase the type of stuff your brand is working on or any new updates you have to promote.
Retargeting for people who aren’t existing customers is still as effective as the algorithm looks at individuals who engaged with content on your website and retargets them. A cart abandoner who held off because they were unsure, the customer who visited the same webpage 4 days in a row, or the looky-loo, all are available to be hit again, with Display Ads. If Display Ads are used, that same item they were in the consideration phase for could be shown to them, giving them a well-needed nudge into actually becoming a purchaser.
It is a bit like throwing a dog a bone, you are enticing them. Will they give in to temptation?

With millions of websites in their arsenal, you are bound to find a site where your target market spends their time. Facebook, Gmail, eBay, and YouTube are all just a small variety of the thousands of sites where your Display Ads could appear. These are all well-known, popular websites with large social communities, which means the opportunity for more leads and customers is very possible. Each website collects cookies from individuals’ data and this gives them information to find whether they’re a suitable match for your advertisement. This is subsequently displayed to them on another website they visit.
Let’s say that you are in the business of renovating houses, your market is niche and every website penny counts, so you don’t just want to target anyone and everyone. Let’s not forget that display marketing is PPC, ideally, you want the clicks you’re paying for on these advertisements to be meaningful, with the maximum conversion potential. Although they appear on popular websites, with the ability to use specific filters to reach the intended audience, they will only appear for the people using them that are relevant to you.

Ease of Progress Tracking and Measuring

These types of advertisements are so easy to track the progress of. Even for a beginner, the simple accessibility of Display Ad tracking makes it better.
Display advertising allows you to be able to track things such as how many times your adverts have been viewed; how many people have clicked them and the conversions created from if someone clicked your ad and then consequently made a purchase if you are selling a product. Conversions don’t have to purchases, they can be file downloads, lead generation forms, calls, anything that you like. The vast range of ways to measure conversions and clicks make display ads a good asset in getting your brand out there if you intend to build following and awareness, reach internationally or sell products. You can either integrate your Ads account with Google Analytics, or see your performance directly on your advertising platform. Integrating these to Google Analytics will give your so much more information, but does require a more complex set up, so weigh up what the extra information could be worth to you, in terms of maximising customer potential.
After or whilst you run a display advertisement campaign, you can review them against your KPIs to see whether you have reached your business goals and if not, create a PPC strategy to boost your results. In addition to this, the ability to tweak the budget, where the display advert goes, and change the direction of your display advert makes Display Ads great to work with. For example, if you are a business based in the UK, but noticed that your Display Ads were bringing in mainly traffic from the US, you’re able to further add and exclude the countries or areas your advertisement can reach.
Constantly monitoring how your campaigns are going is made more beneficial for your brand because you see what demographic is creating those vital conversions which will create more growth within your business. It allows brands to further their knowledge on whether those they intend to reach out to are receiving what is intended for them. Alternatively, you may have realised that different age groups, genders, or incomes are converting more than you expected them to, which perhaps prompts a change of audience for your business. Sometimes, businesses don’t always guess their target demographic correctly, or the market may change and your products may become attractive to a different clientele. 


Unlike other methods of advertisement, Display Ads use a Pay Per Click method which is usually more cost-effective for a business in the long run, as the adverts are made to reach the right people within your desired audience.
Pay Per Click is a purchasing method for businesses to use for adverts online. The business will only pay a fee every time their ads are clicked. Pay Per Click advertisements includes Display Ads, search engine adverts, and social media advertising.
Usually, in terms of search advertising, a brand will bid on a keyword to compete against other brands bidding for the same keywords. However, it is not the highest bidder who wins the placement on the search engine results pages. Google takes in factors such as the website’s standing, the relevancy, the optimisation score, and whether the landing page is responsive and in good health.
Different social media sites offer different advertising, but the majority use the Pay Per Click method. Sites such as Instagram have an advertisement system where you set a budget and the maximum price you are willing to pay once your advert is clicked or the said objective is done by another user. Social media advertising usually offers specific filters to ensure the advert reaches relevant people.
You can read more about our social media services here, now back to the wonderful thing that we call Display Ads. When using these adverts, usually a budget is set for how much money the advert will use and the average price per click that is paid. Once that budget is exhausted, the brand either has to extend it or the advert won’t be shown. A huge advantage for a business that is relatively small looking to build their brand up is that Display Ads do not require much messing around with in terms of finding keywords or having to sort through where their adverts should be placed. Google is able to automate the entire process, so you barely have to lift a finger.
When putting an advert out there for the display ads, Google tends to be your best friend here. What I mean by this is that the algorithm used by their algorithms will find the relevant people for you and then place the adverts on sites where they are then exposed to them. Using their behaviour is the best way to match them to your brand. No, you don’t even have to swipe right because Google matches for you!


Did you get all that? It’s a lot to take in… especially if you’re trying to create an advertising strategy for your brand independently. Pay Per Click advertising isn’t easy to get right, if it was, everyone would be benefiting from it straight away. With experience, certifications and industry knowledge under our belts, we have the Roi-driven expertise and tools to make your brand shine with PPC advertising.
Need a little help? or, just looking for some advice? Struggling with busy time constraints? Don’t worry, we will happily help you out. We will be able to guide you in which advertising campaigns and methods could work best for your brand and its future goals.
The internet is a big and scary place at times, get in contact with us today if you are interested in taking your advertising to the next level.

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