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Why You Should Always Schedule Your Content

Social media scheduling platforms are widely available, with some requiring a subscription and some being free to a point. Examples of some of these platforms include Hootsuite, Gain, Loomly, Later and Sprout Social with each having its very own advantages and setbacks.


  • Time Saver = Life Saver
  • Organised & Ahead
  • High-Quality Content
  • Create The Hype
  • Social Flexibility

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Time Saver = Life Saver

We are not going to sit here and tell you that organic social media posts are the answer to all of your marketing problems, because they just aren’t. Crafting a great social media post that will raise audience engagement and convert customers is not easy. It takes a lot of time and thought to make the perfect post. As well as time spent creating, you then have to schedule reminders across multiple platforms. Consequently, taking even more time out of your days. The good news is, using a scheduling platform to automatically put out your content, will open up your day, giving you the ability to be more productive with other areas of your business. Dedicating one day a month to creating and then scheduling your social posts is a much better way of handling your social content.

Organised & Ahead

Picture this, you are running around your small business attempting to get everything sorted and meet the demanding deadlines that come with being a business owner. You suddenly panic about social content that needs to be put out, but then you remember that it is scheduled, and all sorted for the month ahead. You breathe a sigh of relief and the tables have turned from worry and stress to relaxed and prepared. Scheduling social content to be released onto social media a month ahead will make you feel more in control and organised. Knowing you are on top of your content marketing and have a solid plan in place will make things 10 times easier, trust us!

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High-Quality Content

When you schedule social content, you are dedicating time to think about what to post and when will be the best time to post. This is better than quickly typing out an Instagram post or Tweet last minute. You will have had more time to think about the words you use and how effective they will be towards the reader to encourage them to take a specific action or engage with your brand. No one wants to see a social media post that is littered with poor grammar and has no purpose behind it. To get the best marketing leads and opportunities for your business, your content needs to be well crafted and not rushed.

Write to make the reader feel a connection to your brand. We have a blog post all about including empathy and emotion within your content. Click here to read it.

Create The Hype

Upcoming company events or promotional posts are scheduled to go on social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook on a specific date can be utilised for more engagement when the time comes for them to go live. Knowing you have a post scheduled that must go out on a specific date means you can constantly promote and tease it up until the end of your campaign. The audience is being amped up to anticipate the release of some important news and will be eager to view the post when it is out.

For example, let’s say you run a shoe shop and have a special one-day-only discount coming up on the 26th of July. You have created social media posts to be released on the morning of the sale with the discount code on the posts. Throughout July, you will be able to create additional posts to support the release of this one. Posts that say things like, “are you prepared for the 26th?” Or “Get your devices at the ready for the 26th.” Doing so forms a hype around what will be released on that specific day and will make people eager to revisit your social accounts. We all love a mystery, don’t we?

Social Flexibility

Even if you schedule social media posts, they aren’t always set in stone and can be edited or deleted before the release date using most scheduling platforms. It provides flexibility to revisit your planned posts and change or delete them, just in case things change and the post will no longer be needed or do as well as initially planned. At the same time, you still know that you do have content to put out that month, so you will not be leaving your socials high and dry. If you work in a team, some scheduling platforms allow you to cross-check and approve your posts or add suggestions if they feel the post is not creating the gripping message you had hoped for.

For example, when lockdown begins to ease, the government may initially have a date on their roadmap for a restaurant to open back up for dining in. The restaurant may schedule a post to go out on the date it is due to open, but this ever-changing situation means that you have to be ready to make edits to your posts, should you need to. A social scheduling platform allows you to do this in a matter of seconds.

Social media marketing should be done properly, and every post needs to be well structured. Content creators and schedulers can alleviate the stresses of last-minute planning from your business by implementing this strategy, with many of these tools not needing a penny from you. Looking to get started with social media marketing or digital marketing in general? Contact us today or fill in the enquiry form and one of our lovely team will be in contact shortly to discuss your needs.

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